What Are The Tips To Clean The Windows Of A Building?
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Even though cleaning or washing windows is a difficult task, cleaning can give a professional touch to your building. Always cleanliness should be the priority of every office, houses, etc. Pre-cleaning windows, cleaning inside and outside windows are the general steps of cleaning services in Sharjah.

What are the steps to do in pre-cleaning windows?

  1. Clean Stubborn Stains: Mainly outside windows are more prone to obdurate marks because they are always exposed to bird droppings, minerals, hard water runoff, and elements that can stiff on filth and dust. Cleaning services in Dubai suggest a few methods that you can try to remove marks on outside or inside windows.
  • CLR like mineral deposit cleaner can be used for removing a dirt. After rinsing the stained area with water, regular cleaning can be done using a sponge.
  • You can also use pure vinegar to clean the stain. After allowing the vinegar to rest for five minutes you can rub it off using a sponge or cloth.
  • Water and cleaner paste that contains oxalic acid will work good in cleaning.
  • Cranky or grainy stains can be eliminated from windows by gently using a razor on them.
  1. Remove Stickers and Decals: Building cleaning services in Dubai uses a spray bottle and plastic scraper having a good edge to easily remove sticky substances from windows.
  • Set the stickers with water and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.
  • At 45 degree angle hold the scraper against the window and apply pressure gently.
  • To underneath the sticker scrapes it upwards and wipe the water with a towel.
  1. Remove and Clean the Screens: Clean your screens every time at least twice a year you clean the windows to remove the dust and dirt.
  • Using a spray bottle lightly spray the screen both before and after you wipe it down.
  • Mixed with a splash of dish wash or vinegar wipe down the screen with warm water and allow it to air dry before replacing them.
  1. Rinse Away Dirt and grime From Outside Windows: Mainly the majority of outside windows explore all kind of pollutants, gases, and dirt. Window cleaning services in Sharjah uses a garden hose to rinse away the top layer of grime from panes and windows. A lint-free cloth and water or pressure washer can be replaced with a garden hose for certain situations.
  2. Vacuum or Dust Inside Windows: To prevent spreading dirt while cleaning, make sure you get all the frames, windows, and corners. Lay a large towel in front of the window to catch spills before you start cleaning.

What are the steps to be considered while cleaning inside and outside windows?

  1. Assemble your supplies and tools: Here gives a list of a few items that you will need to perform a basic cleaning job on the windows.
  • Arrange a brush or sponge
  • Get a rubber squeegee for drying
  • Procure an absorbent microfiber or lint-free cloth.
  • Take a clean cloth or rag
  • A bucket filled with cleaning solution
  • Seize a large towel to protect inside floors.
  1. Make your cleaning solutions: Other than dish soap mixture, spray bottle, paper towel, the newspaper you can go for other cleaning mixtures (like gallons and dish-washing liquid, equal water and white vinegar) to avoid streaky and murky windows.
  2.   Wipe the windows dry: Cleaning agencies in Dubai uses rubber blade on the squeegee to wipe away water from top to bottom vertically. The rubber blade should be always in contact with the window, should be sharp, and of good quality for better results.
  3. Wipe up the excess water: Wipe the area dry with an absorbent or lint-free cloth anywhere that water spilled, ran or dripped down the window.Dreams world cleaning services provide their best service to get you a perfect finish to your windows. Hoping this blog will be helpful to you and we will discuss with interlock cleaning services in Dubai in the coming blog.


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