Top Ten Pest control Tips
Pest control service in dubai

Do you get bed bugs, insects, rodents, rats or other pests at your home? Do you know the effective ways to keep pests out? You will go for professional pest control companies in Dubai if you find a single cockroach at your home. As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’ it is always better to prevent pests than calling for service assistance to remove the same from your residence or office. There are lots of simple methods to keep pest out from your home. Let us find ten effective steps to keep away pests from your home before calling pest control companies in Dubai.
Find top 10 tips for the exterior and interior of your home.
Plants and Mulch
Cut down any tree branches or shrubbery that reaches your house/office to avoid pest “bridges” to the house. Mulch provide ideal place for pests like wood chips and pine straw. So make a less pest-attractive ground cover to be neat and clean by using ground tiles, rock or stone.
Doors and Windows
Doors and windows make easy access for pests. The pests can get through tiny cracks and gaps, so do inspect and repair any warped or broken doors and windows. It is better to use screen meshes against pest problems at your home. There are pest control companies in Dubai who provide excellent maintenance works in Dubai.
Cracks and Gaps
YYou have to check the entire exterior of your home/office for cracks, crevices, and gaps through which pests could survive. Avoid all types of foundation missing roof shingles, including pipes, cracks, loose siding, and gaps around incoming utility system, electrical and cable wirings. Cover any openings with coarse steel wool, copper mesh, sheet metal or mortar. Try to avoid usage of caulk because many pests can chew through it.
You have to keep yards, patios, decks, and garages free of water, weeds, and still water. Do not throw cans without tight lids. Proper cleaning is mandatory to remove spills and debris, on which pests can survive.
Replacing standard mercury vapor lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights will reduce flying insects around doors and windows. Usage of Bulbs with pink, yellow or orange tints will be reducing flying insects. Lightning is one of the things to attract the insects. Proper adjustment of the color of outside light will reduce the flying insects. Any kind of white lights like fluorescent or mercury vapor, halogen, incandescent, and LED should be placed around 50 meters away from home. Anyhow the service of pest control companies in Dubai will help you to free from pests.
Interior Gaps
We all always want to do the best interior in our home. This will also create the best place for pests. The cracks and gaps will encourage pest to stay there. So make sure the proper closing of interiors is done. This will help you to abstain from pests. You should confirm the neatness under and behind kitchen cabinets, stoves and refrigerators.
Proper drainage system is compulsory to get rid from insects. The cleanliness of sink and floor drains often accumulate gunk and debris which can attract pests. The place will give an ideal breeding site, especially for small flies. So find time to check and maintain all tub, basement sink, and laundry rooms to be free from pests and insects and thereby can skip the service of pest control service in Dubai.
Recycled Items
Recycled Items stored place is a place where pest can live. So proper management of recycled items is really effective, to keep away from pest control companies in Dubai to a certain extend. There are lots of centers for controlling recycled items. The professional companies can assist you in the collection, transportation and disposal of any kind of waste. Waste management companies in Dubai can do the collection, transportation and disposal of any kind of waste.
Stored Foods
We are in a nature of storing food items. Sometimes, we will not close bags and boxes promptly. Sometime food items will fall in floor which may not be cleaned. All these will help pest to survive in our store room. We have to create a habit of using older foods first and clean out stale or uneaten things to keep down the increase of pests at your home.
Nothing else than cleanliness and neatness is going to help you to keep gap from the pest control service in Dubai. There are best pest control companies in Dubai to provide long term relief from Pest and insects. Dreams world facility management is such type of company to provide long lasting service for Carpet cleaning, Window cleaning, office cleaning and pest control service in Dubai.

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