How To Avoid Making Your Home A Target For Rats And Mice This Winter
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Bed bugs treatment services in Dubai comments that when winter approaches the outdoor pests drastically increases. Also, your home can look like paradise to rats and mice with the weather getting colder and food sources growing scarce. General pest control services in Dubai suggests that the best way to treat a rodent infestation is to stop it before it starts. But still, there are lots of homeowners who still make common mistakes that can put their home at risk. Now check out with the tips used by rodent treatment services in Dubai to make your home pest-proof this winter.


  • Check All Entry Points


Your first step is to find out where exactly your house stands before you take any direct measures. Only if you know its entry point you will be able to block them, so first stop rodents from getting inside. Inspect your home thoroughly for any potential entry points.

Rat treatment services in Dubai says that some areas provide easier entry than others making them hotspots for mice and rat activity. Vital areas to inspect include:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Roof
  • Pipes and Wires
  • Home Foundation

Inspect the areas thoroughly for any tears or gaps and signs of gnawing. Mice can get into your home through a hole the size of a quarter, once they find an entry they have a habit of making it larger which even bigger pests can get inside.

Rodents get into the attic through the roof most times. You can investigate any leaks, check around chimneys for any rips or tears, roof shingles, ventilators etc. Once you get to know their place you can start taking preventive measures to keep them out.

  • Keep It Clean


You should take steps to discourage rodents from inside if you have ensured that they don’t have any way to come inside. Denying them food source is the best way to do this. Always store food in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids and put them in the refrigerators whenever possible.

Regularly vacuum your house to prevent the spread of bugs that hide in rug fibres and on carpeted floors. Homes with small kids must ensure whether they have bought any outdoor toys inside and stored safely when not in use.

Dubai pest control company keep the tree line trimmed because branches can serve as a literal jumping-off point for rodents to get onto the roof and from there into the attic. Discard or rake up any berries or nuts that have dropped off of trees.

Even though your home isn’t currently suffering an infestation, keeping everything clean can stop rodents from viewing your home as a potential safe haven later.


  • Keep Garbage Sealed


Cockroaches treatment services in Dubai says that keeping things clean doesn’t stop rodents, it makes no difference if it comes fresh off the dinner table or straight from the dump, as long as they are getting food.

Trash bags in the home should be sealed with the lid down to prevent rodents from getting inside as well its smell. Follow frequent trashing and don’t let any bags to stay in your kitchen for too long. Keep the trash cans at a safe distance outside the home.


  • Use Mouse and Rat Repellants


There are additional measures you can take to actively repel rodent invaders even after you’ve taken steps to make your home as unappealing as possible to rats and mice. Placing certain substances act as natural mice and rat repellants in key areas around your home can act as an extra level of protection.

Crush mint and bay leaves and sprinkle them in high risk areas such as pantries, cabinets, and along window sills. Provide the additional benefit of repelling pesky mosquitoes in the summertime by putting mint plants around your home. Housekeeping services in Dubai sprinkle peppermint or spearmint essential oil around high-risk areas through your home to achieve the same effect. Rodents killing mothballs are also poisonous to other animals besides rats and mice so take necessary measures to ensure that any children or pets in the home can’t come into direct contact with them.


  • Seal Up Gaps


Preventing from ever happening in the first place is the best way to get rid of a pest infestation.

Caulk or wire mesh are more difficult for rodents to chew through so choose them wherever possible.

Mice can also enter into the house through large cable holes, leaky pipes, through the gaps in windows, doors, etc. So after ensuring that these ways are closed perfectly remember that if there are already trapped rats and mice inside, they will inevitably die inside the walls. So when it comes to sealing your home the importance of certified pest control professional like Dreams World Services is apt to handle this situation.  

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