Control Household Pests Without Dreadful Poisons
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Remember that there are often safer, non-chemical control methods to solve the problem of creepies coming crawling on your house, building and so on. Cleaning services in Dubai focus on preventing infestations before they start and using pesticides as a last resort. Villa pest control services in Dubai uses eco-friendly solutions to remove the pest.

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The problem with pesticides


Hotel pest control services in Dubai reconsider the independence on synthetic pesticides. As per the studies of US centers for pest control and prevention, Americans have an average of 43 different pesticides in their bloodstreams. Pesticides are chemicals that can trigger everything from nausea, vomiting, headaches, lung damage, reproductive problems, and cancer. Children are more hazardous to these pesticides as they spend more time closer to the ground where these chemicals are applied. Kids are less resilient to these toxic chemicals and their developing brains are susceptible to neurological problems and learning disabilities caused by exposure. Especially kids under six are the main victim pesticide poisoning.


Less means more


Sometimes these chemicals aren’t always that effective and it is the worst part of insecticide overuse because they can’t always eradicate pest infestations as they can’t kill them off at every stage of their life cycles. For example, it takes months for the flea to emerge from its egg. But many of the convention flies control services in Sharjah target only full-grown fleas. Whereas human exposure to these chemicals may cause dizziness, convolutions, vomiting and many more diseases. Pesticides can also backfire and made bug infestations even worse. Sometimes bugs bounce back stronger even if we spray them as some are often resistant to pesticides.


Seal it up


According to a 2009 study, a single treatment like IPM is more effective than the regular application of pesticides alone. To prevent vermin enter your house is to repair ripped window and door screens, seal bathroom and kitchen cracks with silicone caulk, plug openings that are larger than ¼ inch wide. Vermins can also chew through plastic, rubber, vinyl, and wood so remember to seal them cement, wool, steel, or any other metals.


Keep it clean


Famous pest control companies in Dubai prefer cleaning for a better life. Before termites infest the rotting wood, flooring should be replaced, avoid the stacks of old newspapers piled in your garage and recycle them before rats shared them to build their nests.


Keep trash cans free of food residue and wash dishes, take out the garbage daily, sweep and vacuum regularly, store ripe fruit in the refrigerator, never leave left covers uncovered overnight, wash your pet’s bedding once  a week, fix leaking pipes and faucets, provide places for pets to breed, and keep trash cans free of food residue.


Pick your battles


Many IPM recommends leaving bees alone if seem them nesting your home because many of them are not aggressive and only sting when handled or stepped on. This is said so because bees pollinate plants that account for 30 per cent of the crops we consume, so office pest control services in Dubai advice to think twice or thrice before destroying bees.


Go green


Using non-toxic bait, pheromone traps, jar traps, fly traps, mouse traps sweep up individual bugs and nests and cut off their air supply by placing them in sealed vacuum bags. Crevices with boric acid powder and dust cracks are less toxic to humans than pesticides are. Pre-specific instructions are available from the Dreams World Services for alternatives to pesticides.


Go for the big guns


Rodent control services in Dubai suggests that pesticides should be your resort if rodents or insects still persist. Chemicals which weakens human hormone should be avoided and never exceed the application quantity indicated on the label.

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