Flying Insects

Fly problem ? Get rid of flies..!!

Flying insects are making huge problem in the family life as well as in society. The number and size make them hard to control and trap. They move freely between foods and garbage. It increase the the chances of spreading illness and diseases. In Dubai, Mainly flies like houseflies, blowflies and fermentation flies are spreading diseases and illness among the people.

What are Pests ? Why it is Harmful ?

There are 120,000 species of flies in this world which causes many diseases. They are know as pests because they makes health risks to humans and animals. they can infest your home, business, and spread diseases. Salmonella and E. coli are the diseases among them. Some of the species bites humans as well as animals. If you ignore problems caused by flies it will turn into serious inflation. Flies are able to reproduce very fast and a huge number of eggs.

Reasons for Pest Ingress

There are some simple reasons that make pests ingress at the areas of windows, doors and ventilation points, opened doors are like invitation to the flying insects to come inside the houses. Before pest control the first thing you have to do is house cleaning. Now a days, there are many service providers and Dreams World is the best among them. We take a proactive approach with deterrent measures and that will help you to avoid costly treatments. We offer pest control services with an affordable price.

We Solve your Problem !!

Step 1 – Inspection : IPM or integrated pest managmement is the backbone of pest control programme. It is a schedule, for regular inspections. Our experts will inspect your premises regularily even more freequently. These routine inspections should focus on the areas where pests are more and identify potential entry points, foods and water sources and all other hazardous zones where pest are likely to be appear.

Step 2 – Identification : Different pests different in their behaviors. We can identify problematic pests and eliminate them with suitable pest management program.

Step 3 – Exclusion Services : sealing crevices, cracks and other all potential entry points

Step 4 – Chemical Controls : Insecticide treatments to the existing fly populations. Bio- Remediation – A microbial formula eliminates the build up of oils, fats and grease and help to remove the breeding grounds for drain and grease flies.

Step 5 – Ongoing monitoring & Prevention : Regular inspection and maintenance of fly lights – these lights help to attract flies and removes it from your premises.

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