Why Bother with Cockroaches Control ?

Cockroaches are the most dangerous insects that is difficult to control with home products and strategies. Our experts have very well planned strategies to vanish these insects using many tips and activities. They can create your home as a cockroach-free home for you.
Diseases : Cockroaches spreads many diseases among people. They carry disease causing bacteria, spreading salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and diarrhea among people. They carry bacteria on their legs or any body parts and deposit it on food and utensils. Cockroach control saves all the members in your family oldest, youngest and most vulnerable persons also.
Asthma & Allergies : Cockroaches cause asthmatic problems in human beings. Elder people as well as children prone to bronchial ailments that can react to the discarded fragments of “skin” when it moult.
Breading Success : Cockroaches are rapid breeders. The reproduction is very fast in these species.

Why Us?

  • We know the environment that cockroaches loves to live in your home or area. Our experts have sufficient knowledge about them and also some secrets that will help to vanish them from your surroundings.
  • Our experts have knowledge about where to look and additional knowledge that you may not be aware of.
  • Our professional experts have some specialized equipment to access inaccessible parts of the premises for taking controllable measures against them.
  • Our pest controllers have wide variety of products and systems that will provide eradication and protection from cockroaches.
  • Our services are providing with an affordable price to our clients with full service warranty.

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What We Do with Cockroach Control ?


  • Size of the infestation/ population
  • How far it has spread
  • Treatment method
  • Follow-up


  • Cockroach Spraying & Dusting : Cockroach control with spray and dust is very fast acting. This also ignore migration of pest from one room to another. Our professionals identify and apply in the right places. Dust products can offer good residual protection for a longer time and quit protection to your family.
  • Cockroach Baiting : New formulation gel baits are odorless and also very safe to use in home and commercial buildings. Additionally some preparations needed for this.
  • Sticky Board Traps : Sticky board traps for cockroach control work like fly paper. Sticky board traps cockroaches and it is safe for use in all situations. Dreams world facilities management is the best Pest Control Management Company in Dubai.
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