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Property maintenance Dubai

We came in the industry as a reliable and professional property maintenance company in Dubai to provide excellent service in civil, electrical & plumbing works, car parking shades, roofing & waterproofing, window & split A/c works, masonry, aluminum & glass works, etc. We cover both the residential and commercial sectors of property maintenance service in Dubai with economical rate. As a municipality approved property Maintenance Company we offer excellent service for all types of property maintenance service.

It is a big task to find a professional for small types of repair works like door repair, plumbing works, AC cleaning, kitchen sink repairs, bathroom repairs, etc. People come for jobs if there is a big volume of work like AC disinfection, wall paint, home cleaning, etc. because of its economic value. But we give importance for all types of property maintenance service in Dubai, even if it is a small work. We always want to build a better relation with our customers.

We understand the value of time of our customer who reaches us for property maintenance service in Dubai. You will find us as the best property maintenance company in Dubai, because we always access best technologies to provide a long term solutions for our customers. Dreams World Facility management stands in the industry for more than two decades of excellent service in property maintenance, cleaning service and pest control service in Dubai with best price.

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Pest control service in Dubai

Are you fed up with out of order with your pest control in your home? Don’t worry; we come to you as the best pest control service in Dubai. We give you long lasting relief from cockroach, bed bugs, termites, birds, rat ants, mosquitoes, flies etc.  We can easily identify the problems of our customers and gives proper solutions by our excellent professionals in pest control service. They can easily decide what kinds of treatment required and the duration of the service.

We provide rodent solutions like Rodent Bait Stations, Rat & Mice Glue Board, Snap Traps, Bait Tray, Live Cage Traps, etc. for rodent control service in Dubai. We can clear one of the major issues in your home, because rodents can transfer diseases, contaminate food and cause structural damage. The attack of the rodents creates big loss at home.  So it is mandatory to implement effective rodent control services. Dreams world facility management service offers effective rodent control service in Dubai.

As a municipality approved pest control service provider in Dubai, We offer fly control and bed bug control in Dubai as well as Sharjah. We use advanced technology for removing bedbugs. We provide you a better sleep in your home. You should very care while traveling in certain places. Normally, bed bugs enter into your cloths and suitcase to reach your places. Regular cleaning of your home will not allow the increase of pest in your homes. Reach us for ultimate solutions for pest control service in Dubai and Sharjah.

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Cleaning service in Dubai

Cleaning service in Dubai is a highly competitive industry in United Arab Industries. There are lots of cleaning service companies in Dubai. We came into this industry two decades back and famed as the best cleaning Service Company in Dubai. As a municipality approved cleaning company in Dubai, Dreams World facility management offer services like Carpet Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Building cleaning, floor cleaning, and commercial cleaning along with Property maintenance service in Dubai. You can find a professional cleaning service staff to clean your premises.

We can offer high-quality cleaning services in Dubai. We deliver our services to both residential and corporate locations through Dubai and Sharjah. People in Dubai lead a busy life cause’s limited amount of time to maintain neatness in their places. It is our passion and aim to bring clean and neat atmosphere in and Dubai. We do business; moreover, we are dedicated to sustaining a healthy situation in Dubai.

Our responsibility to maintain the neatness of Dubai city pulls us to bring the best technologies for cleaning service in Dubai. Out of 20 years of experience in cleaning service gave lots of experience. Our experience still goes with expert professionals in cleaning service. It is our dedication that bought trust from the people of the UAE .We do a quick response to customer call to clean their places. So reach us to live in a clean and neat atmosphere in Dubai and Sharjah. Enjoy the best service!!!

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Dreams World Facilities Management had been providing extensive range of cleaning services in and around Dubai for over 20 years. The reason behind the success of our service is that we customize our services, no matter how small or big the project is to suit the requirements of our vast and ever-growing clientele.

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Our highly trained staffs provides pest control service in Dubai.



Best in class and advanced equipments depends for cleaning service in Dubai.



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We ensure customer satisfaction in each project. We serve many clients in various over Dubai, to make a niche in cleaning & pest control industry.

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You can find our location to reach us to meet your pest control service in Dubai. The recommended facility management company also provides carpet cleaning service in Dubai. As a municipality approved company located in Dubai also provides bed bug control service, office cleaning service, window cleaning service, etc. as a matchless service among facility management companies in Dubai. Below map will help you to access all types of cleaning service in Dubai.